Whistleblower protection mechanism - statement of commitment

The Board of Honeywell Flour Mills Plc ("the Company") is committed to promoting the highest ethical standards in the conduct of the Company's business affairs, as demonstrated by the establishment of a whistle-blowing mechanism

The Board hereby affirms its support for and commitment to the whistleblower protection mechanism, and encourages stakeholders to report any illegal or unethical conduct for appropriate verification, sanctions and/or remediation. The Company guarantees the protection of the whistle-blower through anonymity and utmost confidentiality of disclosures which are reported.

The Whistleblowing Policy states the channels for making reports to the Investigation Committee. These are:

All contacts will be treated confidentially. If the aforementioned channels are utilized we will be able to offer protection, however if other routes are followed we may not.

Where known, the person making the disclosure will be kept informed, bringing them up to date with the investigation, its findings and intended action.

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